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The new Saltford Post Office is opening in Saltford on the 24 September and will start trading from 1 p.m.  I hope you think this is great news because the management team and the post office manager and officer have worked hard to deliver what we hope will be a first-class facility. Combining the Post Office with the Library means that Saltford can maintain and support two village amenities that would otherwise be lost, probably for ever.  Please join us for our opening ceremony on the 24th at 1 p.m. and toast the future success of our community venture.

What will your local post office provide?  Not, I’m afraid, all the 175 services the Post Office has to offer.  Whilst we can point you in the right direction with products like insurance and passport renewal, you will have to go to a main branch to get these services.  We will provide the following:

  • Letters and parcels service (inland and international except Global Express) and, of course, stamps.
  • Travel money – you can pre-order 70 currencies and if you order before lunchtime we can get it to Saltford Post Office the following day.  We will be holding euros, dollars and travellers’ cheques and offering the multi-currency travel card (the absolute best way to support journeys across several countries, especially gap year children!).  All currency transactions (except sterling) are commission free, including buyback.
  • Moneygrams
  • Banking services – you can withdraw money and deposit money with your bank.  Businesses will be able to deposit takings (both cash and cheques) after setting up a facility with their banks to pay in. Chip and pin facilities will be available and you can check your balance when you need to.
  • Open a Post Office card account for the receipt of pensions, benefits and tax credits for those who are unable to open a bank account.
  • Pay bar-coded bills and budget cards, top up your mobile phone, E-Vouchers, electricity keys, gas cards.
  • Postal orders
  • Budget cards
  • One4all gift card that can be spent with over 120 high street shops and brands.  Makes a great Birthday or Christmas present for those members of your family for whom you have no real idea of what present to get!
  • Vehicle Tax – Buy or renew.

We are very hopeful that the new Post Office will be a success because it is through the profitability of the Post Office that we can underpin the library costs and continue to have these amenities long into the future.  Trish Hubbard, our new Post Office manager, is looking forward to serving you Monday to Thursday and Nicola Newell, our Post Office officer, will serve you on Friday and Saturday.

From the 25th September, our opening times for both the community Post Office and the library are as follows:

Monday 9-1, 2-5; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10.30-2.30, Saturday 9-12

Please remember: use it or lose it.  We need your custom to support these facilities and your patience as we endeavour to understand the needs of our customers and the intricacies of a Post Office administration system! Remember as well that we are also stocking and selling a wide range of greeting cards and stationary to help fund this community enterprise so please come along and browse our selection!

Thank you to all those members of our community who have supported this venture with donations and words of encouragement.  You are absolutely brilliant.

David Halton (Chairman of the Saltford Community Library and Post Office)


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