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  2. 16/07/2017 6:28 PM

Marketing can often be an afterthought for many business owners. It often takes up too much time, can have little return on investment if not performed correctly, and could even be seen as a waste of time. After all, why invest in building your business further when organic referrals works so well for you?

Well what if there was a way to take the pain away yet still serve you the benefits? By using marketing automation and saving yourself time, your marketing strategy can become so much more effective, giving you the time to do what you want to do.  Here we will explore three keys tools you can use for marketing automation and streamline your marketing process.


Hootsuite is a great tool for automating your social media. With a few clicks you can send content out on every social media channel at targeted times to hit each audience at the most optimal times. It’s always recommended to start with a free account, which allows you access to three social media channels (this is all most businesses need/ can manage effectively). Here you can schedule your social media content to be released on each specific platform at specific times. There is no limit to the length of time in advance you can schedule content, so it’s entirely possible to create, upload and schedule a whole campaign at one time! In addition to this, Hootsuite has its own handy reporting tool, although you’ll have to update to premium if you want to rely on it fully.

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Email marketing is highly important to any company wanting to engage with their customers. Unfortunately it can be very time consuming to write, sort and manage databases of contacts that you have built up. Mailchimp is a great tool to use for email marketing, with its free version allowing you to have a database of up to 2000 contacts on. Here you can create and schedule emails, sort your database into specific list to schedule content to. Again, Mailchimp has its own handy reporting tool as well, which is essential or calculating your return on investment and effectiveness in creating leads.

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Landing Pages

Although this may sound like a strange suggestion at first, you can help automate your content marketing by having specific landing pages on your website for each campaign you run. By a rule of thumb, the less you have on your landing page the better, meaning there is less of a change of the lead bouncing away without completing the action you want. This landing page link is somethign that should be added to each piece of content marketing you send, for example, every campaign specific email and every social media alert. Landing pages can be easy to make, but the most effective ones may cost. This depends on your CMS and website provider. In short, make sure you have a landing page set up before you start your marketing campaign. It’ll save you time and effort in the long run!

Here are some great landing page designs found by Hubspot.


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