Negotiation – Understanding Personality Colours

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  2. 27/06/2017 10:46 PM

Do you struggle in negotiations? Do you often find communication difficult? You’re in luck, this article is aimed at you. Each of us have our own brilliant and unique personalities, but they can be characterised by four different colour types. These colours determine how we like to communicate best, especially with matching colours. We are each a mix of all of these colours, but will have a dominant flavour.

When in a situation that requires acute communication and negotiation, try appealing to the personality colour of the person in question. By changing your methods to match what is important to them, you’re more likely to have more luck closing that large contract, communicating with your workforce, presenting important data etc.

Here we will list all four personality colours, their key features, their opposites and how to approach communicating with them.



- Dominant

- Acts on reason and logic

Opposite of: Yellow

To communicate effectively: Focus on the logic. Let them have their space to talk but make your contribution clear, relevant and logical.



- Statistics driven

- Likes numbers, figures and things quantitative

Opposite of: Green

To communicate effectively: Use little words. Present your information visually with data, images and figures. Be prepared for silence while they take this in and respond.



- Enthusiastic and optimistic

- Spontaneous

Opposite of: Red

To communicate effectively: Be effective and fast paced in your delivery. Focus on the long term importance and potential of any efforts.



- Emotional, considers the wider effects

- Laid back and patient

Opposite of: Blue

To communicate effectively: Show them the wider effects of what is presented at face value. Have phatic talk and don’t be afraid to try and be informal in formal conversations, they will respond positively.

This is a whistle – stop presentation of personality type and there are various articles that explain this concept in more detail. But take note, try judging a person’s personality type and implement this into your negotiation strategy. It may be the difference in getting what you want.


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